We are proud to be able to bring this amazing experience and Event to Norway in Coap with Bandai. 

This will be one of the biggest events for Digimon this year! 

The Digimon Card Game Fest is a new event held in March 2022 to celebrate the Digimon Card Game with an exciting tournament and new exclusive Fest prizes!

Come meet old friends and new at Storgata 28  Oslo Norway for Fest on the 12-13 March

Event Prizing Details

    • -Fest Set x1

    • -Digi-Egg Set x1

    • -2021 Vault Set x1

    • -Digi-Egg Set x1

    • -2021 Vault Set x1

    • -Demo Deck x3

    • -Digi-Egg Set x1

    • Please note that prizing scheme and quantities varies by region and event size.

    Day 1: Main Tournament Swiss Rounds

  • Day 2: Top 16, Pickup Games,

  • Tutorial Games 

    Pickup Game Prizing 

    Enjoy games with other Card Fest participants and earn great prizes!

  • First Pickup Game Participation only:

    Each 3 Wins (Up to 12 Wins)

  • Tutorial Game Prizing

    Learn how to play the game and earn a demo deck and prize cards for joining!

    First Tutorial Game only:

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